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Summary Sunday: Build It Before You Need It

The best time to build anything is before you need it! That’s true for your network, a savings account, a backup plan…whatever.

And the best time to begin thinking about your job search strategy is before you are in panic mode.

Build It Before You Need It

The tools and lessons shared in this week’s summary are all about the things you need to do BEFORE you become desperate or employed for a long period of time.

  • networking strategies for the long-haul
  • tracking spreadsheet
  • mistakes not to make during the job interview
  • new LinkedIn features
  • workforce trends happening right now!

Good luck building it before you need it! You’ll be glad you did!


This Spreadsheet Is Exactly What You Need to Track Everything in Your Job Search
by James Mayr | The Muse

Interesting News

If you are not keeping track of jobs you apply to, when you followed up and where you are in the interview process it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. This article spells out what to track and even provides a simple spreadsheet to use!

14 Vital Tools of the Modern Job Search
by Mark Anthony Dyson, The Voice Of Jobseekers

Mark digs deep in his list of 14 tools, traits, and skills. These may not be exactly what you’re expecting but the information is exactly what you need!


5 Reasons I Didn’t Hire You
by Michael Tuso |


There are lots of nuggets in this article, way more than 5. If you’ve had lots of interviews but no job offers, definitely read this. And as Tuso concludes at the end, “my biggest takeaway is that gratitude and the ability to learn are chief above all else. And that key realization, even in my own career, has changed everything.”


How to Make the Right Connections When You Don’t Already Have an “In”
by Dorie Clark | Harvard Business Review

If you’re making a change and want to network with a new group of people, then please read Dorie’s advice! Try ALL of her suggestions, particularly the last one –  “attract the right people to you.” Learn what to do sooner rather than later.

How to Get an Executive to Network With You
by Kathy Robinson | TurningPoint Boston


You know it can be difficult to network with busy executives (or anyone for that matter), but it isn’t impossible. There’s the “front door,” the “backdoor” and the “third door.” Robinson writes: “Alex Banayan, author of The Third Door: The Wild Quest to Uncover How the World’s Most Successful People Launched Their Careers, says that there’s always a way to get in front of busy people if you are creative and persistent about it.” That’s the third door! Pick up some creative ideas listed in this article.

Why Last Minute Networking Doesn’t Work – Mainly
by Dorothy Dalton | 3Plus International

It happens. You let your guard down and stop networking once you’re secure in your job. But read why this is a terrible idea and how to fix it. Dalton cites experiences and recommendations from career experts.


New Features To Help You Start Conversations and Build Community on LinkedIn
by Pete Davies | Official LinkedIn Blog


Read about all the things you can do to build connections and stay top-of-mind with your network!

  • Tag people in photos
  • Reactions (like, celebrate, love, insightful, curious)
  • Post a video
  • Share a document
  • Recommend a post in a group (they are making a comeback)
  • Follow hashtags

Let Recruiters Know You are Open To New Opportunities
by Jessica Hernandez as a LinkedIn update


An Unexpected Increase In Weekly Jobless Claims Following May’s Hiring Slowdown Causes Concern
by Jack Kelly | Forbes

The US has not had the expected job growth anticipated. We are also seeing an increase in unemployment claims. The article also notes several large companies have been involved in restructuring and layoffs. Let this be a reminder to always be ready. Is a recession on its way?

Interesting News
Interesting News